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Nail Art Juillet 2016

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Stuff for Nail Art (stamping plante Née Jolie BPL027, Yellow Glow stamping nail polish colour alike, Hightlight of my Summer China Glaze) Double Neon Nail Art Focus Nail Hercynia Picture Polish - Monstera Leaf Paint your nails like a wall Nfu Oh, China Glaze, Nailistation Nail Art Tourbillon Nail Art Tourbillon Cyber Yellow Cyber Yellow Dry Brush - Combo Colors Pinterest Inspiration Hatch (Cirque Colors) & Dynamite (Formula X) Feuillage vert Feuillage vert Watermarble Neon & Rainbow Juice with pulp (Indigo Bananas) Watermarble Neon & Rainbow Juice with pulp (Indigo Bananas) Motivation - Bow