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Nail Art Septembre 2015

Cliquez sur les vignettes pour les afficher – Click on the thumbnails to view  

Close Up Nail Art Inspiration Edina (Lakkomlakkom) Dry Brush Enchanted Polish Inspiration Edina Arabian Collaboration with Didoline Arabian Picture Polish CBL Monthly September Talk to the Hand CBL - Polish of the Month Talk to the Hand - Color by Llarowe Empire State-of Mind Cirque Colors Inspiration La Féé Maraboutée Season Nail Art Spiced Eggnog (ILNP & Hot Chocolate for Unicorns (EP) Yummy Nails Blanc bleu vert (Essence, Kiko, Cirque, Zoya) Blanc Essence, Bleu Zoya (Ryan), Vert Kiko (391), Argenté Cirque (Sani) Pirouette vs Vampires Suck Combo automnale Pirouette Picture Polish & Vampires Suck Enchanted Polish Black Nails and Freeze Machin Freeze Machine - Topper Enchanted Polish Bohemian KB, Saffron KB, Poetic Hues Color Club,s tamping noir Nail Art "Dry Brush" (Pshiiit Inspiiration version automne) Fall vs Summer Nail Art Duo ILNP ILNP nail art inspiration Cuir Kure Bazaar (Exclu Bon Marché) Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL Mean Dean Proffitt CBL calm by Rafi Nails Picture Polish Calm Picture Polish calm PP Trio de teal Trio Teal Scintealliant EP vs Pshiiit Tealing me softly Lilypad Lacquer Sea Jewel Picture Polish