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Nail Art Mai 2015

Cliquez sur les vignettes pour les afficher – Click on the thumbnails to view  

Dare NCLA x Fanny Lyckman Hawaï Nails Dare NCLA x Fanny Lyckman APRIL2015EP EP april2015 monthly Nail Art triangles EP monthly SEPTEMBER2015EP April2015 - Enchanted Polish April2015 - Enchanted Polish April2015 - Enchanted Polish Zonk! Glam Polish Nail Art Chevron - Zonk! Glam Polish Zonk (Knockout Collection) Glam Polish Rainbow Nails Monthly Enchanted Polish March 2015 Enchanted Polish April 2015 Enchanted Polish May 2015 Enchanted Polish Dark Fantasy - Enchanted Polish (natural light) Dark Fantasy - Enchanted Polish (Electric Light) Illusion Frenchie Frenchie Kure Bazaar Frenchie Kure Bazaar Galaxy Fun lacquer Galaxy Fun lacquer Galaxy Fun lacquer Galaxy Fun lacquer Inspiration Pattern Inspiration Pattern Temptealtion LilypadLacquer Temptealtion LilypadLacquer Temptealtion LilypadLacquer nemesis piCture pOlish nemesis piCture pOlish Badass Holo Harp on it Color Club & Badass Picture Polish Harp On It (Color Club) (the pure holo) Harp on it vs Badass Badass Picture Polish Envy Me - LilypadLacquer Envy Me - LilypadLacquer Stamping tropical Stamping tropical Ryan de Zoya Almost Famous LilypadLacquer Almost Famous LilypadLacquer Almost Famous LilypadLacquer Almost Famous LilypadLacquer