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Nail Art Janvier 2015

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Troublante Féminité Nailstation  Close Up  Espionne Nailstation & Black Orchid ILNP  Espionne - Nailstation  Léopard Nail art with Nailstation   Paradise (Liquid-Jelly) Picture Polish  Paradise Picture Polish Collaboration Shade with Liquid Jelly  Secret Fun Lacquer, stamping et paillettes octogonales  Stamping Noir sur Secret by Fun Lacquer  Triangles aztèque  Gradient et stamping (Phoenix ILNP) Phoenix by ILNP  Neon Rosebud by ILNP and Holiday 2014 by EP  Stained glass nail art  Holiday 2014 - Enchanted Polish Trio de vert sur fond nude Hunt Me Down NCLA Virgin Queen A.England  Stamping géométrique - Secret H Fun Lacquer  Secret H by Fun Lacquer  November 2014 by Enchanted Polish & Gaia ILNP First Anniversary of Fun Lacquer