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Nail Art Septembre 2014

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Tropical Chic  Inspiration nail art Alexander Terekhov  Jasmine Fun Lacquer Gradient : Amazing d'EP sur Jasmine FunLacquer Inspiration Marine Loves Polish  Nail art Mix & Match  Nail Art gradient holo black & silver  Nail Art Gradient : Sani de Cirque - Rainbow in Space de Lilypad Lacquer et finition avec Party Favorite de NCLA  Cinderella by Fun Lacquer  Cinderella Fun Lacquer with graou stamping  Ariel - Pincess 2.0  Collection by Fun Lacquer  Ariel vs Hussy - Fun-Lacquer and Picture Polish Nail Art  Faustine Nail Art Inspiration  Wow Prism - Holy Driver with stamping rose fluo  Fool's Gold Picture Polish Slimey Limey Lilypad Lacquer  Sizzle by Cosmetic Sanctuary Picture Polish