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Nail Art Novembre 2014

Cliquez sur les vignettes pour les afficher – Click on the thumbnails to view  

Inspiration Sveta Sanders Stamping  Paris QuicheGirl Picture Polish  Green Fir Color Passion - Jack the Lad Butter London & Hunt me Down NCLA  DIY tricot couleur Sapin  A.England Mix and Match  Stamping sur Fotheringhay Castle Mix and Match A.England Mercredi - Lilypad Lacquer vs Pshiiit Collab' for Family Adams collection  Nail Art d'Automne  Couleurs d'Automne christmas Nail Art  Fotheringhay Castle by A.England  Monthly Enchanted Polish  October 2014 EP  September 2014 EP August 2014 EP  Moscow by Picture Polish  La vie bohème Cirque  Power Pink Bikini Bottoms (ILNP) vs Life in Plastic,it's Fantastic (EP)  Deimos (exclu) Dance Legend  Flashing Lights Enchanted Polish  Badass (Picture Polish) Parisienne (Nailstation)  Badass by Picture Polish